Keeping Our Traditions Alive

Honour traditions passed down from generations and explore our curated collection of Sikh bride and groom wedding accessories perfect for all the celebratory gatherings leading up to your special day.

Your wedding lengha, bridal choora, decor to the scrumptious food - every big detail is thoroughly thought out for your wedding day. But, don't forget your traditional wedding accessories for those precious moments.

- The roka to mark the start of a wedding journey, to the giggles when vatna is rubbed during your mayian, the heart-warming smiles from when your choora is first adorned onto your wrists, and the energy on the dancefloor at your jaggo -

Cherish your wedding accessories which encompass traditions passed down by generations. Find your Sikh bride and groom wedding accessories, stress-free (without searching from shop to shop), in the comfort of your home and have them delivered straight to your door.

Why Maharani Accessories?

Wedding trends will come and go but our traditions are timeless and are the essence of a Sikh wedding.

Explore our collection of traditional Sikh bride and groom wedding accessories for all precious pre-wedding and post-wedding events.

- Our aim -
Shopping for your wedding day can undoubtedly feel overwhelming, but we're here to help you shop for your wedding accessories in one place, with ease, so you can create beautiful memories you'll keep from your special day.

Enjoy the excitement and the process of your wedding preparations.

- Our advice -
Don't just check everything off your list, but envision your wedding day along the way. It's about enjoying the process and not feeling as though planning is a chore.

Blissful Union

From me, a newly-wed bride, to you, a bride-to-be. Soak in every second of planning your special day right through to the wedding day and cherish every step. Trust the process and do not lose sight of the bigger picture - the day you'll be marrying the one you love.